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What is Race Pace?

Race Pace is a tool used for manipulating your completed workouts by removing your stopping points, and manipulating the data as if the stop never happened.

This allows you, the athlete, get a better idea of how fast you actually are, and how fast you might be come race day.

See The Results

See the calculations first hand using familar graphing tools, and view your stopping locations with Google Maps.

Accuratly Compare Rides

Accuratly compare your rides against each other. Know how much faster you were against yourself on another day, or compare yourself to a friend who rode the same route a week ago, regardless of how many lights or stop signs you may have hit.

Ride Safer

No more jumping lights or splitting pedestrians just because your attempting to get that PR during your training ride. Stop when conditions require you too, and know that with Race Pace, your time will not be penalized

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Race Pace connects to your Strava account, or can read your lasest GPX print out from your GPS enabled device. Best of all, it's Free! So why not give it a try?

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